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Collaborative for Educational Services in partnership with the UMass Amherst Department of History and Westfield State University

In addition to reading there will also be written work: Teachers will create inquiry-based lessons on topics of their choice arising from the workshop. Time to work on final projects will be integrated through the week, facilitated by veteran educators. Building on the background knowledge gained from completing the workshop readings, teachers will identify a topic of interest for the lesson plan. Teachers will research and include primary sources for their lessons from the robust archives of participating museums and from the Library of Congress and other national collections. Examples of lessons from prior years (edited for sharing) can be found here in our resource library.

Required Readings

Articles and resources are in suggested order, mainly chronological and are available as pdfs in the course Google Folder, listed by author. For your convenience website URLs are provided.

Read all assignments prior to the workshop! Speakers will assume you have this background knowledge.

Want More?

See the Extended Bibliography.

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