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The Story
Room 311

Lesson 1: The Lathrop Letters – Students will closely read letters written by William Lathrop to his father, Samuel Lathrop, serving in the Congress, describing the voyage of the Steamboat Barnet along the Connecticut River. Students will make connections between the Barnet’s historic voyage and the economic development brought about by the Transportation Revolution.

Room 312

Lesson 2: Goods and Services for Sale – In this lesson, students will analyze newspaper advertisements to evaluate the changing economies in the Pioneer Valley in the early 19th Century. Students will then examine photographs of consumer goods manufactured in the Valley throughout the Pioneer Valley, and come to conclusions about the role of manufacturing and the Transportation Revolution in Springfield and the surrounding communities.

Room 313

Lesson 3: The American System – By reading a speech by Henry Clay and examining a period cartoon, students will look at the American System on a national level, how it was perceived by the public and the impact that it had on growing sectionalism in the country.

Room 314

Lesson 4: Life on the River Banks – This lesson uses charts and an interactive to help students understand the impact of the transportation revolution. These tools will help students see the growth and decline of different cities, recognize the various transportation routes, and compare the costs of various modes of transportation.

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