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Transportation and Market Revolution in the Connecticut River Valley. Trade and Commerce.

Investigations are designed to promote the analysis of local primary source documents while developing historical comprehension and chronological thinking through examination of the steamboat Barnet and it's relation to the economic growth of the United States in the 1800's.

Flatboat, South Hadley
Changing Transportation Technology

The short essay will explain the importance of the Connecticut River and how it influenced the growth of the cities and towns along its banks. From farming to shipyards and fishing the Connecticut River continues to play a dynamic role in surrounding communities. 


Lathrop Letter
Eye Witness Accounts

Read letter correspondences between father and son, William and Samuel Lathrop, describing the voyage of the Steamboat Barnet along the Connecticut River. Make connections between the Barnet’s historic voyage and the economic development brought about by the Transportation Revolution.


West India Goods Advertisement
Analyzing Ads & Products

Analyze newspaper ads to evaluate the changing economies in the Pioneer Valley in the early 19th Century. Examine photographs of consumer goods manufactured in the Valley, and draw conclusions about the role of manufacturing and the Transportation Revolution in surrounding communities.


Henry Clay Print
The American System

By reading a speech given by Henry Clay in 1824 and examining a period political cartoon, you will learn about the American System on a national and local level, how it was perceived by the public, and the impact that it had on growing sectionalism in the country.


Springfield Ma and CT River
Growth and Decline

Charts and an interactive map aid your understanding of the impacts of the transportation revolution. These tools exemplify the growth and decline of different cities, the various transportation routes, and compare the costs of various modes of transportation.


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