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Steamboat Barnet: Emerging Industrialism

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Trade and Commerce. Transportation and Market Revolution in the Connecticut River Valley.

Explore the 1826 voyage of the first Connecticut River steamboat into Massachusetts, opening a new era of industrial and economic expansion for this part of New England.

Steamboat Barnet: Emerging Industrialism is one of a series of online exhibit by the Collaborative’s Emerging America program. Each exhibit showcases gems from the collections of Western Massachusetts museums and models strategies to engage learners through compelling stories and source materials. Part of our aim is to inspire teachers and students to identify and engage the remarkable stories of their own communities and publish them.

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Engage Students in local and national themes by incorporating the steamboat Barnet in your classroom


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Find out more about the first steam-powered vessel to traverse the Connecticut River


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Cast Of Characters

Get to know the individuals and places critical to the the steamboat Barnet and this time period


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Investigate the development of regional economics and the "American System"


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Examine letters, published memoirs, speeches, drawings, paintings and newspaper advertisements


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