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Accessing Inquiry

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Man holds up a color print of an 19th c. cartoon as he gestures with his free hand.
A Pennsylvania teacher analyzes immigration data and primary sources in Accessing Inquiry for English Learners through Primary Sources

Social studies and the humanities present unique challenges to struggling learners: complex stories, abstract concepts such as “citizenship,” a huge disciplinary vocabulary and need for background knowledge. 

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Explore the framework of the Universal Design for Learning-- the philosophy that educational excellence is achieved by offering multiple paths to understanding. Learn to see history of people with disabilities and immigrants in the topics you already teach. Hear directly from students, and learn strategies to empower them to ask questions, to engage them to think deeper, and to find out what they know

A room with at least 5 iron beds with patients lying or sitting up, other convalescing soldiers have crutches, a wheelchair, and a wheeled bed, and 3 white-capped uniformed female nurses and 3 men in soldiers uniforms stand in the background , France,1917 or 1918

View accessible model lessons, including many that feature Disability History or Immigrant History that are built on the rich resources of the Library of Congress, Disability History Museum, and our many other partners. Access classroom strategies, including inquiry, engagement, and assessment strategies, and a wealth of tools and activities to make instruction accessible for all learners

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Learn about our exciting courses, offered in-person and online, that emphasize inquiry-based use of primary sources, in-depth content from top scholars, practical strategies and much more! 

Since 1974, the Collaborative has supported good teaching of ALL learners. Emerging America brought this focus to history education in 2006. Now Accessing Inquiry advances this work through the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program at the Collaborative.

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