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We help teachers deepen inquiry and engagement with history by all students.

Emerging America provides professional development and online resources to nurture critical thinking about the American experience and its global context. We model successful strategies to access and analyze primary sources, investigate vital local stories, and improve student reading and writing about rich texts, images, maps, recordings, multimedia, and more.

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Why We Love Primary Sources

Browse our ever-growing collection of primary source sets, lesson plans, classroom assessments, and more, developed by teachers and edited for quality and consistency.

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Emerging America offers a wide menu of workshops and courses, face-to-face and online professional development opportunities for K-12 educator. Learn more about our Professional Development here.


The Massachusetts Board of Education passed a new Social Studies Curriculum Framework in June 2018 that mandates the teaching of social studies in all…

Date and Location

This training is fully online and will take place from September 20, 2019 through December 15, 2019.

There are two…

Date and Location

This training is fully online and will take place from October 1, 2019 through November 11, 2019.

There are two…

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